- Testimonials -

Ingrid meets the highest standard as a real-estate agent. Her service starts when I consulted her about my property value, before I decided to sell in Dec, 2017.

As soon as we started selling process, she made a customized plan for me and introduced the resource and selling channels from Coldwell
Banker, really enhanced my confidence level of a successful transaction.

When I purchased the house, it was listed as 2050 sqft with unknown bonus rooms. She went to Santa Clara county digging out my property size 2621 sqft, and help me get county record that push the value to a new level.

After that, she actively worked on fixing any issue in my house to make it a perfect property. She treated my house as her baby, utilized her own channel finding high quality and cost effective contractors for me, fulfill all my requirements. Her team is very strong, worked day and night with me in a short period of time.

Her services were consistently and continuously provided throughout the whole process. She provided me a lot of great suggestions and shared her selling strategy when we received multiple offers. She knows people, helps me make right decision considering all aspects without any missing.

I can feel her enthusiasm and love in this field, otherwise she should perform as most regular agents, making easy money that finally won’t earn respect from her customer.

She is an exceptionally trustworthy, professional, responsible, sincere, and smart agent. She totally changed my impression to real-estate. I would say she is definitely the best in silicon valley. I can’t help but give her my thumbs up

- M. Tung family, Manager in Apple Inc., Santa Clara, client since 2017 - 

To find a good realty in bay area probably is the biggest challenge in my relocation from Asia to US 

Some realtors can help you efficiently screening potential options

Some could provide a financial consultation to set a precise bid range

Some has knowledge to protect me by proper legal terms and conditions

Few has the right expertise for in depth property review to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

For my very first realty purchase, the biggest decision in my life, I only trust Ingrid, who can fulfill all the needs, from dozens of reputable realtors .

Who can image, within 3 months arriving US, without any US credit record, we can beat the all-cash buyers by a reasonable offer and a fair loan? 

Only Ingrid has the magic to make the dream comes true !




在数十位多方推荐的地产经纪里,我选择 Ingrid,这位唯一能全方位满足我各种挑剔需求的完美经纪,为我打理在美地产首购大事. 


只有 Ingrid 能有这样的能力让我们的美梦成真!


-- S. Wu Family, Sr. Engineer at Apple Inc., San Jose, CA, client since 2016 --


從今年二月中開始跟Ingrid討論買房的地點.價位及房型, Ingrid提供了許多有用的資訊,讓我們了解灣區的房屋市場,交通狀況及居住環境.鎖定地點及我們可以負擔的房價後,Ingrid也提供每週新上市的房屋資訊.

目標就是幫我們找到一個最適合我們的房子. 很幸運的才第二週就買到房子了,
在眾多買家裡,我們不是最高價,但Ingrid想辦法最佳化我們的offer terms,

整個escrow 過程, Ingrid列出整個escrow的進度表及時間表,幫我們處理貸款,及買房該做的檢測,

-- James & Y. Jiang, Sr. Engineer at Apple Inc., San Jose, CA, Client since 2018--

hank you very much Ingrid.  I wanted to thank you for all of your mortgage help. Your high degree of professionalism during this process.  You were always accessible and clear in your communications with me.  I will recommend you to friends, family and colleagues in the future for sure!

-- Josh Gibbs, MD., LA, CA, client since 2013 --

Ingrid is an amazing real estate agent. Through her diligent and dedicated work ethics, Ingrid helped us purchase our first home. She takes the time to do the research on the homes that we requested to view. She made us aware the pros and cons of the house and its surrounding neighborhood (i.e. schools, freeway accessibility, nearby parks). Also, she provided additional recommendations of homes that we should consider. Ingrid is smart and trustworthy in her negotiation skills, and she helped us with our pre-qualification letter. When we were planning to sell our first home, who did we first consider in helping us? None other than, Ingrid. We would recommend Ingrid to our family members and friends in a heart beat!

-- Simpson Family, Sr. Software Engineer at Genetech, Hayward, CA, client since 2008--

Ingrid has been helping us with buying homes and refinancing in the past 10 years, We are very lucky to have her as our agent as she is very responsible, considerate and helpful. You can truly be worry free as she is not only very experienced and professional, she also put her customer's benefits as her priority. She has our 100% trust. We highly recommend her!

-- J. Xiang Family, Director, PhDs, Walnut Creek, CA, client since 2007--

It was great working with Ingrid.  I had never done a refinancing before, so I had LOTs of questions.  Ingrid is so patient at explaining everything to me and reconciling the numbers again and again.  She is always responsive by phone or email.  She said at the beginning that the financing is no points, no fee and kept true to her words.  When the bank imposed additional charges, she reimbursed me for the costs. 

Most important, Ingrid had my best interest in mind: she advised me that she thought interest rate might go lower and waited til a later time to "lock the rate" for me.  She is a trusted adviser.  I have alrady recommended her to a few friends and family members and will continue to do so." Five stars (or whatever the highest number of stars).

-- Y. Wu, Law Associate, East Bay, CA, client since 2010--

My husband and I cannot recommend Ingrid highly enough. We rave about her to our family and friends because we know that she goes above and beyond what normal realtors do. We first used her buying our first house in Union City in 2013. She found us the house quickly, negotiated the price well, and helped us close as quickly as possible as well. Not only that, she found us a contractor to fix the ceiling asbestos before we moved in as well. In four years, she helped us refinance efficiently and found us great interest rates for our loan.

This year (2017), she helped us find and purchase the perfect home that we was exactly what we were looking for. Our new home is a new build that offered us credit if we used a specific loan company, so Ingrid technically did not need to do more. However, she did not stop there. Working with another agent showed us over and over again how much more efficient Ingrid is. We ran into so many problems that Ingrid helped us with still. It really proved to us how much better she is than other agents. Lastly, she continues to check in and offer other services. She gives us great advice on finding contractors, found us an amazing cleaner so we could rent our first home out, and helped with the rental process as well. In short, we cannot recommend Ingrid enough. You won't regret choosing her!!

-- J. & A. Leong, CPA, East Bay, CA, client since 2011 --

Ingrid is the most talented and diligent agent among different agents that I met.
She asked me detailed opinions and showed me good houses based on accurate info.
She tried to match her schedule with me and worked with me as much as possible, even though she was far away from me. She waited for me until that I wanted to find a perfect and right house with good info for my preference and budget.
When I had confused questions that I couldn't understand and difficult problems or situation that I had, she tried to give me better answers and solutions than I expected.
She supported all of things that I wanted and I finally got a good house. After finishing all of processes, she has still been supporting my property tax schedule and questions that I am concerned for house maintenance. I'd like to say that I really appreciate her efforts and supports through this time. 

인그리드는 내가 만난 에이전트 중에서도 가장 유능하고 성실한 에이전트다. 그녀는 상세하게 나의 의견을 물어보고 정확한 정보를 바탕으로 나에게 맞는 질좋은 집들을 소개시켜줬다. 아무리 멀리있더라고 최대한 나에 스케쥴에 맞춰 약속을 잡고 빠르게 일처리를 해주려 노력했다. 내가 마음에 드는 집을 고를떄 까지 계속 기다려 주며 최대한 예산에 맞는, 내게 맞는집을 찾을수 있도록 다양한 정보를 주었다. 질문이 있거나 혼동이 일어날떄, 어려운 상황이나 문제가 있을떄는 최대한 상세한 답변을 해주려 노력했다. 집을 최종적으로 사는데까지 모든 지원을 해주었고 결국 내가 원하는 집을 살수 있었다. 그 이후에도 집 관리를 위한 재산세 관련 일정이나 여전히 헷갈리는 질문들을 아직까지 도와주며 나를 지원해 주고있다. 이번기회를 통해 인그리드에게 그녀의 노력과 지원에 대한 고마움을 전하고 싶다.

-- S. Cho, Sr. Artist at Blizzard Inc., Irvine, CA, client since 2016--


As part of our American dream, I experienced house sale and purchase with Ingrid Huang and her previous co-worker, Pamela Todd's participation in home selling. No matter how big difference between the real estate downturn and rebound period can be, Ingrid Huang always impress you with her professional performance, giving customer the best benefit! She helps you set your house price target reasonably  first, then use all her knowledge, energy, time and team work in every step, handle all the detail work efficiently and wholeheartedly. My two transactions all went through smoothly and successfully, my current house fits my life style. I appreciate Ingrid Huang's wisdom, diligence and efficiency in her real estate work and strongly recommend her to all the people in Bay area who is considering real estate investment.


-- H. Ge, Biotechnologist Professional, Kaiser Permanente, CA, client since 2010--

really like working with Ingrid looking for our first home. Ingrid is very knowledgeable, specially on the architectural structure of the property, closing process and mortgage. She is very kind and always willing to help. Also, she is very easy to communicate with and always understand my needs. I and my wife are really glad to work with Ingrid and there is no doubt that we will work with her later if there is any needs.

-- H. Hu Family , Sr. Engineers at Linked Inc., Burlingame, CA , client since 2017--




highly recommend Ingrid as both a realtor and a loan consultant. She is very professional in her job.

The first time I used Ingrid as a loan consultant in 2013. She helped to refinance my Apartment which was in a tough community for loan at that time. Ingrid knew every detailed thing of mortgage loan which guaranteed the refinance went through smoothly. I was happy with the mortgage rate as well as the efficiency of refinance and had used her as a loan consultant several times since then.

This year (2017) Ingrid helped me to buy a new home in Fremont. The whole process is a happy experience for me. For each house we visited, Ingrid could provide me all kind of information and/or suggestions on the property condition, the neighborhood, the location potential, and the price estimation as well as loan application. Especially, she knew what I was looking for. I bought the house fitted in my budget and I loved quickly. In addition, Ingrid also helped me to contact with handyman and cleaner after the closing of purchase.

I am greatly appreciated for her kind extra services. Overall all, I highly recommend Ingrid as a realtor and mortgage consultant. If you are a first-time home buyer and know nothing about house market, she is resourceful and reliable. If you are an experienced buyer, she is patient and understanding. You will always get good service from her.

--J. Wang, Scientist at Corelogic, Warm Springs, Fremont, CA, client since 2013--


When we started the plan of buying a house, we knew we will need the help of a realtor agent, if possible, better to be a broker. We have heard a lot from different sources that there are a lot of pitfalls in choosing realtors. However, it was not that hard for us to find the best one, Ingrid Huang. our friends highly recommended her. we also felt that she is very professional and knowledgeable from the very first contact. So it was easy to make the decision of letting Ingrid helping us. It turns out to be the best decision we could make in buying the house.

At the very beginning, we were not clear the choice of the location, the type of the house and the price range that suits us. Naturally, we felt nervous about the task. Ingrid calmed us down and assured us that we would be able to figure out all those soon with her help. We did not know what kind of house to buy. Again, Ingrid assured us that we would figure it out soon. She said that we should not buy any house without visiting enough houses and knowing all types of houses. She said that we might like any houses we first see but that would not be correct. Exactly as she predicted, we felt we are ready to buy the first few houses we visited. If her objective were to sell the house and gave us a little push, we could just buy one of the first few houses visited. She said she was there to educate us so that we would know how to choose. Exactly as she said, she explained every detail of the house structures, functions and environments. She pointed out defects of houses and potential environment problems to us so that we quickly learned what to look and how to compare. The learning curve is quick, smooth and enjoyable.
After found the house we wanted, Ingrid helped us bought the house with great knowledge and strategy. She handled everything, including finding inspectors and securing loans. With her excellent experience, it is safe to have her guide to walk through the super complex legal documents and procedures. When the negotiation was tough and we wanted to get out of the deal, she did not complain though that meant she needs to spend much more time to show us more houses. Luckily, with her good negotiation skills and strategy, we got what we wanted from the seller and that deal we saved. We are happy with it. 

We are lucky to have Ingrid's help to purchase our first house. we will sure ask her help again in the future if we are buying another house. We also recommend her to anyone that will buying a house and need the help of a realtor. 

-- Y. Xiu & Y. Hou, Ph.D, Research Scientists, Pleasanton, CA, client since 2010--

 Ingrid was extremely helpful when we were pursuing our first home back 2014 from the start of open house visits until the escrow closed, she is patient, experienced, and dedicated. Ingrid also helped doing our loan application, this whole package service is a tremendous help for the first time buyers like us, which saves us a lot of time and troubles. We will definitely recommend Ingrid to our friends. 

-- L. Yang Family, Sr. Engineers at Google Inc., Irvington, Fremont, CA, client since 2015--

I super highly recommend Ingrid. She helped me with everything related to purchasing as well as the purchase itself. It was my first home purchase and I didn't know anything about anything, and she helped me out so well over the course of many months throughout the whole process. She is extremely professional, helpful, and always on top of everything.

-- D. Kim, Lead Multi-player Design at Blizzard Inc., Irvine, CA, client since 2016 --


s a first-time home buyer,  I like Ingrid very much.

Ingrid has been walking me through all phases and make sure that I understood every details. She is really on top of each step. It was my pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for an agent in bay area.

-- S. Yan & L. Zhen , Ph.D. , Associate Professor, El Cerrito, CA, client since 2010 --

Thank you Ingrid! When we relocated to bay area, we were so stressed to buy our first home in a hot market. Ingrid was extremely professional and patient. She always there to answer our questions very quick, big or small, by phone or email. She understood from her own experience just how stressful such a move can be. Her attitude was positive and we never felt pressure to buy or go beyond our budget. Ingrid was very responsive, supportive and knowledgeable. We ran into issues with our Lender and their lack of response to get this loan/home closed on time, but Ingrid was right there helping us get everything ready, and push them along with us. Ingrid was a pleasure to work with, very friendly. We highly recommend her to anyone.


-- L. & H. Jiang, Sr. Engineer at Microsoft Corp., Fremont, CA, client since 2014--

Ingrid has helped my family and I through many real estate transactions and I would not go to anyone else for my real estate needs.  She is not only knowledgeable but her work ethics is among one of the best I have worked with in this industry.  She is patient, thoughtful, caring, and has great attention to details.  She truly has a client for life mentality and she sincerely cares and want to make sure you are taken care of from beginning to end.  I highly recommend her for anyone's real estate needs.


-- S. Yuen Family., Supervisors , Los Angeles, CA, client since 2011--

Ingrid was super helpful and she was always stay on top of everything of my mortgage application. Not only keep close contact with the home builder, but also keep me update with anything could help me to get better rate. All in all, it was great and relax experience with Ingrid for my home purchasing.

-- X. Wang, Prop Supervisor at Blizzard Inc,, Irvine, CA, client since 2010 --

We have been working with Ingrid Huang for several years on home purchases and refinances. Ingrid is a professional and hardworking realtor. During the service, she proved her proficiency time and time again with her abundant knowledge of construction and financing. She always kept our interest in her mind and proactively informed us about lower rates for refinance. Her calculations were always accurate and clear, very helpful for our decision making. She is an excellent realtor that we always like to recommend to our friends.


-- R. Lou, Ph.D., Vice President, San Ramon, CA, client since 2008--

Ingrid is the best. I highly recommend her. She is very responsible and help us get the exactly house we want. She takes care of all of our questions and help us figure out which house is the best for us. She help us communicate with the selling agent, even during weekends. She is very knowledgeable and professional about the market. She can always help us make the right decision.

-- Y. Wang, Software Engineer at Google Inc., Milpitas & WSJ,  CA, client since 2014 --


Ingrid Huang helped my wife and I through buying our first house in Fremont in 2009. Ingrid is very knowledgeable, listens well, and is very pleasant to be with. She knows east bay area really well.

She is a wonderful realtor. She is very patient and understanding, and works very hard. I was so impressed with her found and printed the each house's information when we looked at every house. She found a short sale house we loved in Fremont. A lot of realtors don't want to touch short sale house because it will process more time and maybe denied by bank. But Ingrid got us through escrow less than one month. We are so happy to get an amazing house. We enthusiastically recommend our realtor Ingrid Huang.

-- J. Cai, Family, Software Engineers at Symantec Corp., Fremont, CA, client since 2009--

hank you Ingrid for all of your hard work in keeping everything on track and on time.   You have been a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

-- Cheryl, Lily & Lauren, Sales Office, Home Builder, Irvine, CA, 2007 --

My house selling experience with Ingrid was extraordinary. My house was purchased by my unrealistic American dream at the end of 2001, the peak of real estate housing market. When I needed to sell the house in 2010, Ingrid came to my case. Can every body imagine how difficult it was for house selling at real estate housing market down turn 2010?

Ingrid did market analysis, ads postings, open houses, and a lots of strategies. She masters government policy for homeowners, buyers and banks in our special economic environment. She collaberated with buyer's loan agent and realtor, the lenders, negotiators, title company and myself as seller. After months of negotiation, finally every part got his best benefit. As a seller, I started my new life.

Ingrid is practicing in my house selling proofs herself a talent and trustworthy real estate professional. She made her best endeavours at every step. Without her hard working, and devotion, the successful transaction will not be possible.

If you have any investment plan for your life, Ingrid will devote her spirit and profession to make your dream come true.

-- H. Ge, Biotechnology Professional, El Cerrito, CA, client since 2010--


Accelerate, accurate, and speed problem resolution!!!! I am falling love with her work!!

-- Shin Family, Business Owner, client since 2013--


Thank you so much for your utmost devotion and time in helping us get our mortgage loan. You have been extremely quick and efficient in finding out information to help us make a better decision, as well as updating us and guiding us along the way to completing the mortgage loan. The whole process was a breeze for us due to your guidance and expertise. Our family thanks you for this and hope that you can continue to help us in future. Thank you so much!

Yours sincerely,

-- The Teos, Irvine, CA, client since 2010 --

Ingrid, thank you so much! Couldn't have closed escrow without your help! 

-- J. Su, El Cerrito, CA, client since 2011--

I have been getting her help twice in past for refi. When I have any questions for rate, she is always the one to ask. The best service ever for Refi! I highly recommend her! イングリッドはとてもヘルプフルで親切。レートもコミッションも一番良かったです。何の心配もなく、これからもお世話になります。Thanks, Ingrid!

-- T. Yasuda, Manager at Blizzard Inc., Irvine, Client since 2009--

Accelerate, accurate, and speed problem resolution!!!! I am falling love with her work!!

-- Bae Family, Business Owner, LA, Client since 2014 --

Ingrid is the premier loan agent. I and all my friends have been helped by Ingrid are very satisfied with her professionalism. She is very diligent and communicative.

-- Kim Family, Lead, Blizzard Inc., Client since 2010--